Read shimatest.shop FAQs or submit a tư vấn ticket if you"re experiencing any problems using the app.

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eSupport.com provides customers with the best technical help possible. If you require assistance, we will be glad lớn help you out in any way we can. To lớn help us answer your questions in the most efficient way, please read the FAQs & the User Manual and if you still require assistance, submit a tư vấn ticket.



If a License Key fails, an error code will appear in parentheses next khổng lồ the failure message.

The error codes & their meanings are:

0x800000AC - This code means that the License Name is entered incorrectly. Please verify that everything is spelled correctly.0x80000AE - This code means that you are using the License Key on the wrong product. For example, you have been issued a key for FileRestorePlus™, but you are entering the key in the shimatest.shop program.0x800000C1 - This code means that there are incorrect characters entered in the License Key field. Please verify that this information has been entered correctly.0x800000C7 - This means the length of the License Key is invalid. The License Key must be 23 characters long including the hyphens between each mix of characters.0x800000D0 & 0x800000D1 - These codes mean that the date & time on your system may be mix incorrectly. Verify that the date & time on your system are correct.0x800000AF means "Act ivation vps unavailable". This might be caused by several reasons, the most common are:Missing mạng internet connection : Please confirm you have mạng internet access when activating.Firewall software : If possible, disable the firewall temporarily.Activation server temporarily down : This might have been on our end. Please retry to activate at your convenience.

If you still have trouble entering your license information, please open a support Ticket here và include the error message displayed in parentheses within the body of the ticket.

The file(s) restored by shimatest.shop are corrupt or not useable. What can I vị to increase the likelihood of recovering useable data?

If the files recovered by shimatest.shop appear lớn be corrupt or aren"t useable, this may be an indication that the files have been partially overwritten prior khổng lồ recovery. That being said, corrupt files can also be caused by fragmentation of the original file. Please scan your drive again using shimatest.shop" SmartScan Technology. The SmartScan giải pháp công nghệ was specially designed to seek out the fragmented parts of deleted files, piece them back together, and systematically rebuild these files during the recovery process.

Note: khổng lồ keep the SmartScan as short as possible, select only the file types you are trying lớn recover on the settings screen.

Yes. If the mặc định scan did not locate your deleted files we recommend that you utilize one of shimatest.shop" Advanced Scan Technologies, the SmartScan or the DeepScan.

Not sure what Scan công nghệ or scan settings khổng lồ use? Let the shimatest.shop Wizard help you decide.

Just click on the Wizard button at the đứng đầu of shimatest.shop and answer a few simple questions & the shimatest.shop Wizard will select the optimal scan settings based upon your answers.

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If you are using the scan filter, be sure you are using the correct filter settings.

Please ensure that you have also selected the proper drive(s) from the "Drives" pane.

Your License Key is provided to lớn you in 2 ways.

On your order confirmation page, the license key is provided khổng lồ you. You can print this page for your records.The license information is also emailed to lớn you immediately upon completion of your order.

If you have not received this information, please kiểm tra your SPAM or Junk Mail folder. If you still vì chưng not have it, please Send an email to the Technical tư vấn staff.

If you read your e-mail through a website browser your email is never physically stored on your computer. For this reason there will not be any deleted thư điện tử files for shimatest.shop lớn recover.

If you aren"t sure what scan settings to use, shimatest.shop can help you determine the best scan settings lớn use to lớn optimize your tệp tin recovery. Just click the Wizard button at the đứng top of shimatest.shop & answer a few simple questions & the shimatest.shop Wizard will select the optimal scan settings based upon your answers.

I have utilized shimatest.shop" advanced scan technologies but the files recovered still seem to lớn be overwritten or corrupt. Is there anything else I can bởi vì to potentially recover some of my original data that may be stored in the files recovered by shimatest.shop?

Yes, as we mentioned at the end of the previous FAQ, it is still possible lớn recover some or all of the original data from the files recovered by shimatest.shop. Please read through the following steps khổng lồ see what you can do.

First kiểm tra to make sure the tệp tin or files recovered were restored with a file extension & that the extension is appropriate for the tệp tin type you were attempting to recover. By default, Windows hides tệp tin extensions of known file types. Note: You may need khổng lồ disable this option to lớn show all file extensions.In some very rare cases some files can be partially overwritten in such a way that the tệp tin extension is lost, or that the tệp tin recovered takes on the extension of the file that has partially overwritten it. In these cases Windows may attempt to xuất hiện the tệp tin with the wrong program, or the program may attempt to interpret/display the tệp tin as a different tệp tin type or format. If either of these happen the file may appear corrupt or overwritten. If the file extension is missing or incorrect showroom or change the extension. Next try opening the tệp tin again. Does the tệp tin now display correctly?If not, more than just the tệp tin extension may have been lost or overwritten.
I am trying to recover files from my camera, however, the camera is not showing up in shimatest.shop. What can I do?

In order for a camera lớn show up in shimatest.shop, it must be recognized as a storage device and must be assigned a drive letter. This means that the camera must be "mounted" as a drive. When you plug the camera into the computer, you may see a message on the camera asking you if you want lớn "turn on storage." You can say yes. This will effectively make the camera a storage device và should assign a drive letter khổng lồ the camera. Alternatively, if your computer has a card reader, you can remove the memory thẻ from your camera and place it into the card reader.

Your thẻ reader should look similar lớn this:


Recovery to lớn the same drive may overwrite the very segments of the drive that you are trying to lớn recover your files from. If that happens, or if recovery fails, you will not have a second chance lớn recover those files.

The most important thing is to lớn prevent the deleted file from being overwritten by another file. To vị so, avoid any use of the drive in which the tệp tin was erased until the file is recovered. Also, remember that shimatest.shop should not be installed khổng lồ this drive. Install it to a USB flash drive if no other drive is available.

Yes, defragment your drive and kiểm tra it for errors on a regular basis. Note: If you have accidentally deleted a tệp tin or files, vị NOT defragment your drive until after you have recovered your files.

Click here lớn learn what you can vì chưng to maximize recovery if your tệp tin or files have already been deleted.

shimatest.shop does not support file recovery from CD or DVD. You w ill need to search the internet for CD or DVD recovery software.