How to view saved wi

Wi-Fi is used extensively lớn connect khổng lồ multiple networks at different times & places. Be it a coffee siêu thị, a không tính tiền Wi-Fi hotspot, office wireless network or a home network, Wi-Fi is used everywhere. Windows 10 and Windows 11 have the capability lớn remember the settings of multiple Wi-Fi networks, including their network security keys.

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With the passage of time, it becomes difficult khổng lồ remember or even save sầu passwords for all the Wi-Fi networks you have connected to lớn & saved in the past. Rather than trying khổng lồ hunt down passwords from sysadmins, technicians or using other ways, if you forgot the Wi-Fi password, Windows gives multiple options to see the saved Wi-Fi passwords.

View WiFi password in Windows 10/Windows 11

View active WiFi password from Wireless Properties

Windows 10/11 provides a simple way lớn see the password for your current Wifi connection. Just follow the steps below to see your current WiFi password:Go to Control Panel –> Network & Internet –> Network & Sharing Center. (Windows key + R –> ncpa.cpl)Cliông chồng on the active sầu Wifi connection.Click on Wireless Properties khổng lồ open Wifi network properties.Go khổng lồ the Security tab và select Show characters to reveal your current Wifi password.
Cheông chồng Wifi Password from Wireless Properties
This method only works for active sầu connections only. That means if you are not connected khổng lồ a Wi-Fi network, you will not be able lớn use this method lớn view the network security key or password. To bởi this, you will need lớn follow the steps given in the next section.

Find all Wifi passwords saved in Windows 10/11

What if you want lớn find all the saved Wifi passwords in your Windows computer? There are two ways of finding all the saved Wifi passwords in Windows. Let’s discuss both of them.

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View WiFi passwords using Comm& Prompt

To see all the Wifi passwords, you will need khổng lồ run some commands in the command prompt.xuất hiện the command prompt (Windows Key + X + C)Run the following comm& khổng lồ show all the Wifi profiles saved on your computer:netsh wlan show profilesNow run the following commvà lớn reveal the Wifi password nội dung of each profile:netsh wlan show protệp tin name=WifiConnectionName key=clearReplace WifiConnectionName with Wifi SSID which you can find from the above sầu mentioned comm&.
netsh wlan show profiles
netsh wlan show profile show password key
If you only want khổng lồ see the password omitting all other details, you can run the following commvà instead:netsh wlan show protệp tin name=Sanixngươi key=clear | find /I "Key Content"You can check all the WiFi passwords saved on your computer using the same commvà. Just replace the protệp tin name with a different one.

See Wifi password for a specific network

If you want to lớn find Wifi password of a specific network only, follow the instructions below:xuất hiện Command Prompt in administrative sầu modeRun the following command:netsh wlan show profilesThis commvà will danh mục all the saved Wifi profiles on the computer. Copy the network profile you want the password for.Run the following command:netsh wlan show protệp tin name=”network-profile-name” key=clearReplace network-profile-name with your copied network name.This will show the Wifi password in clear text.

Get a danh mục of saved WiFi passwords using PowerShell

The same commands listed above sầu also work in PowerShell. But if you want to danh sách all the passwords in a nice table in PowerShell, you can run the following comm&.mở cửa PowerShell as an administrator và run the following command:(netsh wlan show profiles) | Select-String ":(.+)$" | %$name=$_.Matches.Groups<1>.Value.Trim(); $_ | %(netsh wlan show profile name="$name" key=clear) | Select-String "Key ContentW+:(.+)$" | %$pass=$_.Matches.Groups<1>.Value.Trim(); $_ | %
PROFILE_NAME=$name;PASSWORD=$pass | Format-Table -AutoSize You can also download the following PowerShell script and run it on any computer lớn get a danh mục of saved Wifi passwords.
WirelessKeyViewPlease note that Windows Defender detects WirelessKeyView as malware but it is pretty safe. You will need lớn whitedanh mục the executable before it can be run on your computer.Please note that if you are using Windows Server 2003 or Windows XPhường, the actual Wifi password will not be shown but it will be shown in HEX size. The same HEX password can be used to activate Wifi on any other device.Also see:4 Ways to Forget Saved Wifi Networks in Windows 103 Ways To View Comm& Prompt History In Windows4 Ways To View And Save List Of Updates Installed On Windows 10Cheông chồng VPN Connection Status From Comm& Line In Windows3 Ways To Set Windows Local User Account Passwords To Never Expire

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