Gaming On Windows 10: Windows Gaming Pcs & Laptops

More games than any other platform

95% of gamers on Steam use Windows.1You can play tens of thousands of games from the digital marketplace of your choice, including Steam, GOG, Origin, Battlenet, Epic Games Store, Uplay, & the Windows Store.2


Discover your next favorite game

Play over 100 high-unique PC games on Windows 10. Now includes iconic Bethesdomain authority và EA Play on PC games.3



Enhance your gaming experience

Max out your settings, dive sầu into the details, and experience smooth gaming with Windows 10.

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Make Gaming Social

Xbox trò chơi Bar includes Looking For Group, an tiện ích that helps you find new teammates for the game you want to play.4

Make it yours

Xbox Game Bar gives you a customizable gaming overlay with convenient utilities & quick và easy to lớn use Widgets—so you never have to lớn leave sầu your game.4

Ultimate graphics innovation

Incredibly realistic lighting, reflections, & shadows, insane performance and frame rates, even at higher resolutions—the new DirectX 12 Ultimate5 is a culmination of the best graphics technology in an unprecedented alignment between PC & Xbox Series X.

Windows 10 comes with advanced APIs designed khổng lồ maximize the performance of your gaming PC. DirectX Raytracing enables incredibly realistic lighting, reflections, & shadows.5

Next-gene gaming PCs

The lathử nghiệm Windows 10 gaming laptops and desktops have sầu what you need to lớn play, stream, và watch the best games.6,2

Featured games Store has nearly everything you could want for your Windows device, including the latest games.


Halo Reach

The planet Reach is humanity’s last line of defense between the encroaching Covenant & their ultimate goal, the destruction of Earth.

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The world is a vast, beautiful, và dangerous place – especially when you have been shrunken to the size of an ant.

The little spirit Ori is no stranger to lớn peril, but it will take more than bravery lớn reunite a family, heal a broken land, & discover Ori’s true destiny.

Shop gaming PCs và accessories

Shop gaming laptops, desktops, monitors, and accessories at Store.

1 As of March 20đôi mươi Games and/or subscriptions sold separately.3Use your active sầu Xbox trò chơi Pass for PC membership lớn play PC games on Windows 10 PC (excludes Windows 10 in S mode và on ARM devices). App tải về, Windows update(s), and storage required. System requirements vary by game; performance scales with higher kết thúc systems. trò chơi titles, number, features, and availability vary over time, by region & platform. Learn more at For recurring memberships, membership automatically continues lớn be charged at the then-current regular price (subject to lớn change; plus applicable taxes) unless cancelled. Cancel Notice before purchase of add-ons, DLC, consumables, virtual currency, or subscriptions (sold separately): If your membership terminates or a game is removed from the catalog, you must reactivate your membership or buy the game separately khổng lồ continue using these items. Requires download(s) (significant storage, broadb&, & ISPhường fees apply) và tài khoản. May require additional hardware và subscriptions. Age restrictions apply. Xbox Game Pass discounts are based on Store price và are not combinable with other offers & are not redeemable for cash. Discount offers exclude titles within 30 days of launch & are not available with select titles. EA Play subject to terms: Maximum 36 months of redeemed Xbox Game Pass per tài khoản at a time. Service, features, & requirements may change or be retired. Subject khổng lồ the Services Agreement.4 The Xbox trò chơi Bar is available on RS5 and later versions of Windows 10. The Game Bar widget store và third-tiệc ngọt widgets are supported on 19H1 or newer và require the latest 19H1 Windows Updates. Some features like Game Bar widgets are not currently supported on Windows on Arm devices.5 DirectX 12 Ultimate available with supported games, graphics chips, và requires the lademo Windows 10 update with updated hardware drivers.6 PC hardware requirements may vary for games on Windows 10.AIRBUS & other Airbus hàng hóa and service marks are protected trademarks of Airbus. All rights reserved. Officially licensed by Airbus.Cessmãng cầu names, emblems, toàn thân designs, and logos are trademarks and intellectual property of Textron Innovations Inc. and are used under license to Corporation.The Cub Crafters names, emblems, body designs và logos are trademarks and intellectual property of Cub Crafters & are used under license to Corporation.