Dark Matter is designed khổng lồ be an unofficial fourth và final Half-Life 1 expansion mix in the Blaông xã Mesa Research facility during the resonance cascade incident. This time at last you play as one of the deadly Blaông xã Operator units named Kovac.

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Not much is known about hyên ổn other than he was born to parents from somewhere in Eastern Europe, is around 44 years old và is a former Navy Seal.

When Gordon Freeman successfully launches the Omega Satellite delivery rocket during "On A Rail", Kovac is deployed khổng lồ Blachồng Mesa as part of a team tasked with overseeing the HECU cleanup operation. With the science team able khổng lồ potentially cause further damage, containment of the situation will become much more difficult lớn accomplish. If the military cannot handle the cover up effectively, Black Ops should be there khổng lồ assist và even take over if necessary.

Kovac is deployed as part of a team who are tasked with infiltrating the Gamma Labs following reports that the science team are initiating the next phase of their plan. You and your team must stop whatever is happening and detain a scientist named Dr. Keller who is wanted by the authorities due lớn his valuable knowledge about Blaông chồng Mesa"s technology and projects. The rest of the science team is expendable, including the two armed HEV suit wearing scientists that have sầu been causing a headache for the military in addition to lớn Freeman...

Ultimately you fail khổng lồ reach the labs in time, and the fallout from the procedure causes massive sầu portal storms in the sky near your craft, before it is sucked into a vortex with you in it.

You awaken almost an entire day later following the military withdrawal, Soldiers trapped in the facility have sầu made you their prisoner, they"re angry that your operatives are terminating their comrades. You learn that orders have sầu changed và everyone & everything is a target, with the situation so out of control that the only way khổng lồ proceed now is to wipe the facility from the map once & for all...

Kovac"s mission begins at the very end of day one sometime during "Apprehension", but the main game itself starts towards the end of day two around the time of "Pitworm"s Nest". It then lasts beyond the events of Opposing Force, with the final taking place around the late morning of day three when the nuclear warhead destroys the facility.

We have sầu an all new code base featuring Opposing Force entities & full spirit 1.2 implementation, as well as various new custom features lượt thích a keycard system, real time radio communications, và a new vision mode khổng lồ replace the flashlight/NV. We"ll showcase examples of this at various points throughout development!

Yes, both male and female black operators will assist you during some parts of the game, fighting enemies and sometimes helping you bypass areas that are otherwise off limits without them.

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There will be limited stealth featured in some parts of the game, but for the most part the gameplay is still standard HL; this isn"t Splinter Cell! ;)

As previously mentioned, the Central Transit Hub makes an appearance finally, so there"s more post-disaster Blaông xã Mesa Transit System lớn explore. There"s the Main Facility Entrance, a new cliffside area và a new section of the underground Materials Transport network. You"ll see the regular kind of environments lớn expect as well as some newish original designs khổng lồ freshen things up, otherwise everything is standard BMRF in the style of Gearbox/Valve!

Yes, you"ll see familiar areas from Half-Life, Opposing Force, Blue Shift and Decay. Some of these are brief fun crossovers, others are more in depth such as the Lambda Complex.

Will we see Xen?

Of course!

Will we see Freeman, Shephard, Calhoun, Green/Cross?

Gordon is in Xen, và Barney has already escaped Blaông xã Mesa during Dark Matter, but it"s possible you could see the others...


...vị I really need to lớn explain this..?

Right now it is fully compatible with both WON and Steam, but whether it will stay that way I can"t say for certain...

We"re using HD models predominantly, with modifications here và there (such as old textures on the HD agrunt, new heads on the hgrunt etc), & some PS2 models with changes for things that don"t have sầu a HD version. Of course there will be entirely new models as well, and a lot of the models, whether they are new or old, will have sầu various new và modified animation sets. So there is already a lot of work khổng lồ be done there, without adding to lớn the tasks khổng lồ phối up all the old models khổng lồ work the same.

We recognise that the HD pachồng is not everyone"s favourite, so we"re trying khổng lồ improve the quality & fix some of the less appealing aspects of it. We don"t rule out producing some kind of LD paông xã after release, but failing that it is more than likely that the community will take it upon themselves to make one anyway, that"s usually the way!

Dark Matter is being built with single-player in mind first and foremost, but it"s possible we could add multiplayer in the future...

When will the expansion be released?

There is no definitive release date yet, for now it is simply "x/x/202x", so expect it sometime in the next decade!


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